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Furnace Filters: Smart Choices for the Home

There are so many guarantees that come with every furnace filter sold today. The technical specifications of filters are often filled with features. Yet, there are only a few things you need to consider to make every selection and purchase the best for you home.

One is to focus on the basic needs of the family and home. There are furnace filters with many added features such as allergen reduction, antimicrobial growth and antibacterial agents. These allergens are already effectively removed by filters rated MERV 11, so you have no reason to spend more on these features. When the home is well enough with MERV 7 or 8, there is no reason to install MERV 12 filters because they can overwork the furnace. MERV 7 and 8 are the best ratings to promote the smooth airflow inside the heating system. You are guaranteed that you save from future furnace repairs and energy expenses.

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Second is to install permanent filters. Some very affordable disposable filters are unable to withstand the amount of air pressure that the blower sends through them. Also, they can allow small particles to pass through. They can harm the furnace parts and the family. Very practical ideas from furnace manufacturers are available from HVAC talk so that you can have experts recommend which filters suit your furnace model.

Then, choose furnace filters that are easy to maintain. While electrostatic filters require regular washing, electronic filters can just require the replacement of collector pads which can be a lot easier to do. Especially when activities in the home increase and when the environment changes, you have to make the cleaning and maintenance more frequent than usual. So, it is best to get one with convenient maintenance. Electrostatic filters are also easy to clean; a simple back flushing with water is all it takes.

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