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It's Okay to Hate going to Open Houses

It can seem like an awkward experience. Rummaging through someone else's home, looking through their closets (obviously to check the space) and confronting a scary real estate agent.

Plus who wants to give up their precious Sunday afternoon when a surf on the internet can suffice?

Oh yeah! I nearly forgot. I have been pondering updating my site. There is something I like about the page Not sure specifically what yet wanted feedback 😉 Comments on this would be fantastic. Ok I'll get back to it!

They can be tedious and weird and you could really dread going to them, but open houses can be one of your best weapons in your search for a new home. Here are 3 good reasons why visiting open houses can be your best searching tool (even if you hate going.)

1. The computer screen is a 2-dimensional device.

That's right. You can't touch the house on the other end. You can't smell that funky odor in the pantry. If you don't have an agent and you're trying to rule out certain homes the best way is through an open house. Photos online are great, but you don't get the depth and true perspective of a home until you step through the front door.

2. Cruising the neighborhood.

Google maps allows you to see what the outside of most homes look like and even entire neighborhoods. Too bad most of them are dated years before. When you visit the home, you take in the surrounding structures and the landscape. It's easy to see if the neighbors are tidy or could use some yard assistance. This information is invaluable when making such a major decision.

3. Interviewing the agent

No one wants to do this, yet it can be an important step in the open house process. Sometimes they can give key insights on the home's history or why the sellers are moving. Maybe you don't have an agent yet. This could be a great time to interview how the host agent works. Do they greet each visitor? Are they attentive and responsive? Get as much information as you can. It's free after all.

If you do not have an agent already, going to open houses is a great first step in the home-buying process. With an agent you have access to any home you'd like to see, but open houses allow an opportunity for everyone to peruse. Time to take advantage of it!

I do hope you thought this was interesting. I should mention the idea was requested by Fil with EmpireRenos. of course always love thoughts and feedback.

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