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The Kitchen Remodel

We recently gutted and completely remodeled the sadly outdated kitchen in our century old home. It took us more than three months from start to finish, but finally, we we're in the home stretch. Then, we came to my favorite part of any remodeling project the decorating and finishing touches.

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I found a color scheme I liked, but I couldn't, for the life of me, find locally those little finishing touches in the colors I had chosen. I decided to turn my search to the internet, and I was happily surprised at what I found. I came across this great site with all of the colorful kitchen accessories I was looking for. Actually, I found some little gadgets that I hadn't even thought about. Truly, those finishing touches are the icing on the cake. With a kitchen in particular, it's amazing how much of a difference all of these nifty little gadgets make to every day life. So, as you're nearing the end of your remodel and losing steam, try to find that little bit of extra energy to add the finishing touches.

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