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The resurgent popularity of carpet

The resurgent popularity of carpet is increasingly evident as homeowners reassess what really matters. In a time of global economic uncertainty, our values become clearer than ever and home becomes paramount. Carpet brings to our homes softness, fashion, color, and depth.

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Current designs trend toward softer, more tailored looks, including nature-inspired patterns that are woven or tufted into simple florals, including vines and trellises, organic shapes or geometric patterns, plaids and pin dots.

Choosing the color of your carpet is a primary consideration. The blending of subtle shading creates apparent depth. Remember that light colors reflect and multiply light, creating a spacious effect, while dark colors absorb light, declaring a closer, more intimate feel.

Berber is still a popular choice; but unlike the plain Berbers of the early 90s, today's versions have more texture and pattern. Variation in height and sculpted effects offer a bolder look. Even the more traditional Berbers offer more visual interest, with more extreme differences in pile cut and thicker, deep loop textures. Flecks of color are now appearing against tan, beige and cream backgrounds as well as in the "new neutrals" of soft greens, pale yellows, and shades of blue and smokey greys.

The shift in new products is toward layered color and soft texture carpet. A combination of texture and pattern will always be popular because it minimizes soil and vacuum marks. The other advantage is that color and texture offer more distinctive styling and fashion appeal. New manufacturing capabilities have produced many new looks in carpet construction with cut and loop yarns and in high and low-loop yarns.

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