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Thermal curtains

Home insulation is a crucial issue we all need to handle, but many of us never think about our curtains being a part of the solution. Curtains will be a prominent part of your home decor, and certainly a big part of your privacy, but they will be able to serve an even more pragmatic function if they can help insulate your house. These special curtains consist of a layer of long-lasting, non-shrink cotton with a layer of acrylic foam which block drafts blowing in from the window, and trap air in between the window and the curtain for insulation. Highly long-lasting, thermal curtains call for no special tending and can be easily washed in a machine. Two other benefits people have noticed with thermal curtains is the reduction of bright sunlight, and even some noise reduction. You can find the same sizes, designs, and colors in thermal curtains that you can buy in standard curtains. Because thermal curtains give you such elegantly simple insulation, they are fine for the environment. The Internet can provide you with a wide array of designs and styles of thermal curtains, and it is recommended that you start your search there before heading for the stores.

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Window treatments

A good way to improve the overall ambiance of any home is to put in light filtering shades on the sun-facing windows. Restricting both heat and UV rays while permitting the sunlight to open up a room is the number one purpose of these types of shades. The translucent design softens and scatters the sunlight and will help block the heat to maintain a cool but well-lighted room. Once it becomes dark, the light filtering shades can also give you the privacy which you need, though you should add curtains to prevent having your shadow seen from the yard.

Light filtering shades can be vertical, horizontal, honeycomb design or other configurations. There is a broad choice of colors in different fabrics from which you might select. Custom patterns are doable and let's you to order shades in colors and styles that combine well with your decor. The light filtering shades are also very good choices for unique window shapes such as vaulted windows. There will certainly be a style and fabric texture and color which you can apply in any room in the house.

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