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Not everyone needs a full-size, 6-burner grill.

Not everyone needs a full-size, 6-burner grill. If all you need is a small yet dependable gas grill then the Weber 4411001 Spirit E-210 Propane Grill is a good choice. This 2-burner grill may have limited functions but it is ideal for small places and for anyone who wants to be able to grill a few steaks or chicken pieces for a small family.

With 350 square inches for the primary cooking area and two burners you may think that indirect cooking is no longer an option, but it can be done using a single burner. The Weber Spirit E-210 propane gas grill does not have extra features but it is an affordable grill for your basic grilling needs. Best of all, it comes with the Weber quality and durability that people have come to expect.

About The Weber Spirit E-210

TheWeber Spirit E-210propane gas grill is the ideal choice for beginning grillers. It has an enclosed cart equipped with stainless steel doors and handles.

The side and rear panels are painted black. End caps are made of cast aluminum. The primary cooking area is 350 square inches. The warming rack is 108 square inches. Total cooking area measures 528 sq. in.

The Spirit line of Weber gas grills was introduced in the 1980s and was their smallest and most affordable grill.

The Weber Spirit E-210 is their low-end model designed for individuals looking for a smaller, quality grill with basic features.

Uniform Heat Distribution:

The Spirit E-210 gas grill has two burners under porcelain coated cooking grates. A push-button piezoelectric igniter lights the burners instantly. Pre-heating takes a very short time and the grill goes up to grilling temperatures in a matter of minutes. Heat is uniformly distributed so whatever you are grilling is cooked through evenly. You won't get any hot or cold spots in this grill.

Grease Management System:

Webers unique flavorizer bars eliminate grease buildup in the firebox. When meat juices and grease hit the flavorizer bars, they are instantly vaporized and go up in smoke. The smoke imparts a smoky, barbecued flavor to the grilled foods. The Spirit E-210 provides the convenience of a gas grill and the delicious flavors you would get from a charcoal grill.

Convenience and Ease of Use:

Weber gas grills are more convenient to use than charcoal grills. The Weber Spirit E-210 heats up quickly and cooking is fast and easy. Stainless steel side tables provide ample working space for food preparation. Your grilling utensils can be kept within easy reach on the tool hooks attached to the side tables.

A center-mounted thermometer helps you keep track of the cooking temperature. Heavy-duty swivel and locking casters make it easy to move the grill to a different location if the need arises.

The grill comes with a disposable drip pan that makes it easy to keep messes to a minimum.

Quality Construction:

The Weber Spirit E-210 propane grill is constructed mainly from porcelain coated steel. Side tables are made from stainless steel, although not of the best quality. The internal components, however, are of the best materials and built to last.

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The new Weber Spirit E-210 grill is made in China to control the price, making it available for less than $500.


  • Solid construction and qualitymaterials
  • Reliable; heats evenly
  • Perfect size for a small family
  • Will fit in smaller places
  • Easy to use and to cleanup
  • Built to last for years


  • Only a basic grill; no extrafeatures
  • Control knobs uses up much of theworking area on the right side table
  • Grill may be too small for somefamilies
  • Side tables and front panel andconstructed from lower quality stainless steel

What Customers Say About Weber Spirit E-210:

Customers say this is the perfect grill for someone who does not want to spend more than $400 on a grill. It is a basic grill that comes without any extra features. The Weber Spirit E-210 is the ideal size if you will be cooking for 4 to 6 people. If you want more grilling space, you will have to consider another model.

The Spirit E-210 may not look as fancy or shiny as other brands but it grills all kinds of foods remarkably well. The two burners heat the grill to the ideal grilling temperature.

The cooking grates also work well, although a number of customers recommend that you purchase the porcelain enameled cast iron grates. The cast iron grates retain and distribute heat better than the welded steel grates that come with the Spirit E-210 and they make beautiful sear marks on your grilled foods.

Customers recommend the Weber Spirit E-210 for a small family that wants an inexpensive, basic grill. More than a few reviewers noted that this grill may not have some of the features found in other brands but it is a high quality grill that cooks food very well and will last long after other brands of grills have rusted away. Customers recommend that you get this grill from for the low price and free shipping.

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